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We reach the small town of Aticama a few kilometers South of San Blas and meet Tioga George.

I first found Tioga George's website when it was mentioned on the bulletin board 2 years ago. I followed George's website for a year enjoying his travels. Last year about this time while we were in Baja I decided that maybe I would do something similiar. I e-mailed George mentioning how I would like to to this but did not know how to go about it. Well, he replied back and gave me all sorts of hints, where to find tutorials and so I spent 1 month learning......HTML. So, I guess you could say it was because of George that I got my site up and running.....Visit George's site

11/15/08-11/18/08....El Coscorron RV Park, Aticama. Satellite view

coscorron 1 1

coscorron 2

coscorron 3

coscorron 4

El Coscorron RV Park just across the river on the South side of the town of Aticama is our present camp. There is a small restaurant and bar with lots of loud music for the entetainment of guests and the park. It boasts a beach with sand and rock and a small river for bathing, washing clothes and just having fun. On weekends (like we had) the local Mexicans come out in droves to enjoy the day on the beach. Be prepared for lots of loud music until 3 am. The rate is $50 pesos per night, Pacifico Ballenas are 25 pesos.

11/18/08-11/22/08....Villanueva RV Park, Rincon de Guyabitas Satellite view


rincon 2


rincon 4

Villanueva RV Park is located on the beach next to a hotel. This is a good park for the fishermen. The group here are avid fishermen and have an excellent system for launching and retrieving their boats...everyone joins in and helps. UNFORTUNATELY, this is the last year for this park....yes, condos are coming. The daily rate is $25.00 US per night We have use of the pool next door, good wi-fi, good showers and good beach access. It can be crowded when it gets full

Abel's Restaurant, Rincon de Guyabitas


abel 2



Abel's restaurant is located about a block from our RV park in Rincon. It is ideally located for Bill and I to stop off on our morning walk (5km) for our morning coffee and perhaps a bowl of cornflakes and bananas. Abel serves great filtered coffee, has a bubbly personality and also lets us practice our Spanish on him. His washrooms are a bit rustic but very clean.

These photos are about our (John and Sherry and Ben and Lynette) trip to Guadlajara to see Ben and Lynette's friends Tellie and Carlos De Valle. Tellie was our tour guide taking us to many sights around town and our hostess for two days.........Sherry.

It is recommended you turn off the background music from the album at the top of the page or you may miss the sound in these video clips.

This will be the last item on this page. We will be traveling through Puerto Vallarta on Monday Nov.24 to Chemala. I am not looking forward to passing through this city. It has poor signage and busy traffic.

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